It’s a while since I did the first headshots for Aquamarine down in Teignmouth, since then they’ve moved into the Generator co-work space at Kings Wharf Exeter; and the team has doubled in size.

Headshot ExeterSo this shoot was set up in the corridor outside the thriving hub’s main door. Sometimes what seems like an awkward location can add a frisson to the session and the brief was to capture more than just a ‘straight’ headshot.

Shooting live to the Mac we worked through the individual team members capturing the ‘formal’ shot as well as ‘the others’. To achieve this there were a range of prompts ranging from low level cajoling to playing Pixies and encouraging a bit of a dance!

Group-shots are often about as much about management as photography. In this environment we could have managed the corporate look with the glass and steel atrium in the background, but again the simple style suited the brief and the out-takes didn’t dissapoint.

Gallery of Informal Headshots in exeter