Mark: Headshot Portrait for Websites

Mark: Headshot Portrait for Websites

I don’t normally recommend that clients have meetings to go on to, ideally we can shoot in a relaxed environment and not feel the pressure of time. In this instance though both Mark and I had further engagements to attend. Talking with Mark during the session, rugby had been a very important part of his life and I was about to go and photograph lively young things having their first introduction to rugby, it’s good therapy but as different as can be from the headshot studio.

The session resulted in a range of portrait and landscape format headshots, the beauty of the latter is that generally a single image can cropped to a range of aspect ratios, ranging from the original landscape format, through square and on to a tight portrait crop. In this instance too we have examined some mono renditions of the shots.

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Andrew Butler specialises in headshot photography although he has also published work covering a range of subjects including: architecture; motoring and motorcycling; engineering, and product photography.

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