COVID Precautions

The studio is in a low-use basement part of a shared building. Being a listed building we look to run open window ventilation whilst people are visiting to ensure good airflow; this isn't an air-conditioned space. There is a hand sanitiser at the main entrance to the building and I put one outside the studio [...]

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Cancellation Fees

Our policy is that we treat clients with respect, understanding and integrity. We understand that on occasions the unexpected happens. Late cancellations cost us a great deal of time and money and last minute cancellations result in studio downtime and un-necessary expense. We generally attend the studio up to two hours before a headshot session [...]

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Bringing Someone Else Along?

We insist that young people are accompanied by a responsible adult, on some occasions the adults have been accompanied by responsible young people. Sometimes people just bring friends along. We ask that people under the age of eighteen are at least accompanied by an adult. Sometimes people sit in on the session, on occasions people [...]

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Do you do individual and group corporate headshots?

We specialise in all kinds of commercial headshot photography for: businesspeople, actors, artists, men, women, young, and not so young. A lot of our headshot shoots are simple one to one sessions in our studio. We regularly run headshot events for companies wishing to record their employees in a single day or over a small [...]

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Where will the shoot take place?

It depends on the both the sitter's wishes and the package that we are offering. We have recently opened a dedicated headshot studio in Southernhay, central Exeter and the majority of our simple sittings are taken here. One to one sittings can be shot in a number of locations, ranging from city centre office locations [...]

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How do I know where to come to?

Once the booking is confirmed we will send you an email link to a page about your personalised headshot session. This will contain: confirmation of the price, links to Google maps for the location, all of the contact details that you will need, links to enter the scheduled session into either your iPhone or your [...]

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Do You Do Full Glamour Makeovers?

Our main market is commercially based, images for businesspeople, actors and models. We aim to bring out the best in people and have very well-developed retouching skills. Our approach is to record what exists in a sensitive and appealing way, so our approach is much more biased to the camera than the computer; after all, [...]

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How Should I Prepare for a Headshot?

The ideal start point is to be relaxed, so get some good sleep and rest the night before. Allow time for the shoot; few people can hide their stress and looking like they want to be somewhere else. Ideally aim to arrive in a relaxed state and, if possible, try not to have arrangements to [...]

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What should I bring?

Feel free to bring a change of clothes, ideally well prepared and ironed. Hairbrush! If you have hair that is. We usually have lens cleaning equipment in the studio but clean spectacles always photograph better.

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What Should I Wear to my Headshot Session?

Simple works well, patterns can take over but rules can be broken. A headshot will generally cover upper torso and head so, in theory, one could wear a suit jacket and trainers. Headshots will hopefully have some longevity so although that ‘party’ shirt may look great, it could ‘date’ with time; we are aiming for [...]

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