Simple works well, patterns can take over but rules can be broken.

A headshot will generally cover upper torso and head so, in theory, one could wear a suit jacket and trainers. Headshots will hopefully have some longevity so although that ‘party’ shirt may look great, it could ‘date’ with time; we are aiming for people to recognise the face before the shirt.

Necklines need to make sense when the image is cropped reasonably tight. V-necks offer a good line to photograph, open shirts too. Off the shoulder tops or tops with thin straps can look awkward, but may reveal a fantastic collar-line.

Ideally, shirts should be well ironed. Clients who want shirt – jacket – tie shots sometimes bring a plain white shirt, a selection of ties and a jacket in a suit-bag. We may then do shirt no tie, shirt and tie, shirt jacket and tie. This sounds simple but it’s surprising how many different looks can be achieved.

Try the clothes on in front of a mirror first, is it too tight or too loose, does the sort or top fit your shoulders and neckline comfortably?

Please try to bring spare clothes to a session on hangers rather than crumpled in a bag.

Feel free to discuss ideas with us before your headshot session.