I think it’s fair to say that for this session Exeter based author Carla, like many people, was out of her comfort zone.

For me, writing emails to people who write books puts me in a similar position. For many people having headshots is a new and somewhat uncomfortable experience, I am regularly pleased to hear people leave saying that the experience turned out to be fun.

These shots were actually taken indoors using a single studio light and a reflector panel, about as simple as it gets really which in part was to keep things as relaxing as possible.

Carla had sent me a couple of phone pictures of her house and with one I noticed a long garden and some patio doors. Shooting indoors looking out meant that I could control the light on Carla’s face well whilst benefitting from the look of the background. We’d been asked to provide images ‘possibly taken outside’.

Thank you again for such an enjoyable shoot. You made me feel very comfortable and it was a great experience, (I’m) thrilled with them. Carla