Yes we’re back taking studio headshot photographs in Exeter and it feels good!

Well, we’ve now had a few people in headshots and it seemed OK.

Drew Pearce contracted me to shoot some headshots earlier in the year so it’s great to get an opportunity to photograph some more team members for this developing Exeter company.

I generally go in the day before to set the lights. The studio has recently been used for products and needed re-setting and yes, yes, my resting face is a bit serious. People often say “why are you looking so miz?”I tend to respond that if you walked in to an otherwise empty room and found me grinning and laughing you’d suggest that I up my meds. So, it’s a no-retouch shot of me looking miz testing the lights the day before!

The studio has been well cleaned but to be honest it needed that after 12 weeks of under-use. I have done some product work in there recently but apart from me no one has entered the room for months.

Surfaces and potential touch points for visitors are wiped with anti-bag (before and after sittings) and gel is supplied for visitors. And here is an apology. I had bought a larger dispenser to sit at the stdio entrance for visitors but I hadn’t actually tried it because I carry my own. As I left the studio after this set I took a test of the new stuff and my, it smells absolutely horrid! I can assure you this has now been replaced.

I generally shoot headshots tethered, do a set then check on screen to see how we’re doing. I didn’t want to lose this part of the process, it puts the sitters back in control so we’ve added an extra screen for people to preview images from a distance and I have to say it worked.

On occasions I’ve shown people how to select favourite images and ‘star’ on the Mac and then left them to make the initial selection alone. That will have to rest for a while but I’m guessing we should be able to work with a couple of screens for now.


It’s always great to see the images as intended, I’ve just caught a glimpse of the new Drew Pearce website which is currently being developed, fabulous!

Hi Andrew, We are ever so happy with them, they look fantastic!