We frequently photograph multiple sitters for companies wishing to capture a number of staff members over a day or more. On a per-sitter basis this can work out cost effective but the main impetus is often to capture a unified set of images for brochure, web or general corporate marketing materials.

Within this general brief there is scope for a number of options and shooting styles; occasionally we have even been asked to replicate an existing ‘house-style’ maybe for larger multi-site organisations.

As with any headshot sitting we encourage companies to a respect sitter’s need for time to relax in a session and discourage a ‘stack-em-high pack-em-in’ mentality.

Generally we would look to do a pre-visit to discuss suitable possible shooting spaces and schedules. We would look if possible to create a suitably private shooting studio within your offices whilst keeping overall disruption and distraction to a minimum.

Phone or email to get the ball rolling.