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Informal People Photography for Social Media

I really enjoy the photography that I undertake with Yellowtail. Some time ago I was tasked with replacing the existing headshots with something different and was really pleased with the direction and results. Sarah and Dennis can be regularly heard on The Century Plan podcast and again I was asked to provide some [...]

Headshots for Actor Couple in Devon

So OK the shot above was a fun moment at the end of the session in the Exeter photography studio which had been hugely enjoyable throughout. Fi and Garth visited the Southernhay studio recently as a pair but to be photographed individually. As I would expect of experienced practitioners, they both arrived well [...]

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Lifestyle Headshots, Informal portraits; Call Them What You Want

So, some fun with Devon weather to end the week! Ståle was looking for some informal headshots to communicate his practice based work. We'd decided to shoot at the weekend when the building was quiet, and at a time when the ambient light would be good. And on the Saturday session that we [...]


Headshots for Exeter Counsellor Jade

Jade recently visited the studio to have some headshots taken for her new practice in Exeter. Pleasingly we were able to take a good range of images including 3/4 length studio shots that would still translate well to tighter crops. In addition we ran a few outdoors headshots outside the Exeter headshot studio. [...]

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Actor Headshots in Exeter for Ben

A really fun headshot photography session for actor Ben Fensome. In part the headshots were needed following a recent hair-shortening exercise, not the first time recently that this has been a driver. The lead image was a throwaway moment when Ben's comedic side broke through but I love the shot! The images were [...]


I Went To The Dentist (Again)!

This isn't actually the first time that I've photographed dentists, but I have commented previously that there is a certain irony to someone who, shall we say, isn't always the best at the dentist, doing this. These headshots were taken in December 2023, in the reception area, with a Christmas tree in support! [...]

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