Hi, I’m Andrew Butler a professional photographer and based in Exeter in the South West of England. I work throughout the UK and beyond.

My portrait and headshot photography is something that emerged over time almost by accident. Inherently shy by nature, teacher training  really helped me, but I am aware that confidence isn’t necessarily a given particularly when in front of a camera. People started coming to me and asking for headshots, eventually the time came to offer a studio in central Exeter.

I am comfortable in the studio setting and am happy to create light to suit the mood, if natural light isn’t available outdoors I can make it indoors. Studio lighting adds a dimension that I welcome and whilst I enjoy natural light shooting I am pleased to be able to offer a range of approaches to suit the need.

Ideally the shoots are collaborative and friendly, relaxed too. Generally we shoot ‘tethered’ meaning images are available to preview on the Mac as the sessions proceed.

I have well-developed retouching skills and don’t employ ‘filters’ but I’m looking for honest and genuine expressions of you and who you are. Good retouching isn’t a five minute job though, for this reason my package delivers a small number of high quality photographs rather than a large number of also-rans.

Our well equipped photography studio is based in Southernhay Exeter and is also used for high-quality product photography. We accept commissions for both studio and location work.

For now this is a brief celebration of people who I have shared time and a lens with, and a couple of people who I have spent a life with.