Nadia, an Exeter College dance and drama student, visited our Exeter Southernhay studio for a headshot photography session yesterday. Having previously been photographed for her folio Nadia felt it was time to update the shots with some quality images.

A great sitter to work with, Nadia had come well prepared and was comfortable and professional in front of the camera, she was also comfortable instructing mum to go and make the tea!

Headshot Lighting Setups

This session ran with four (old) Bowens Esprit 1000s which are admittedly overkill in terms of power. The truth is that the Geminis had gone out the day before with the Travelpack photographing motorbikes so, why not.

We started up with three small strip softboxes to the front and a small 60-80 softbox throwing light backwards to control the backdrop. Subsequently we used the Bowens Softlite beauty dish with the grid/diffuser fitted, a snoot hairlight and a medium softbox to control the shadows.

Nadia received a good selection of images with different lighting-background and clothing variations. Some were shot portrait many landscape.

Nadia’s mum seems happy:

They are fantastic Andrew