The week started off with a really enjoyable studio headshot studio photography session in the evening at our Barnfield studio in Exeter’s Southernhay.

Ben has a busy schedule and needed to squeeze the shoot in between meetings in Exeter and a trip to London. Whilst I don’t recommend headshot photography if frazzled after a busy day Ben brought more than enough energy to the session.

At the beginning of the shoot Ben had asked about black and white portraits and I’m pleased to report that to we have images that translate into good strong monos. Most digital cameras shoot in colour and the conversion is made on the computer. Whilst we do have specialist niche software more often than not we now do the BW conversion in Lightroom avoiding clichéd looks that can be slipped into.

We ended up with a good selection of images, different clothing/background options and a great chat.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session last night, thanks a million.

These look really good, thank you.

Gallery of Male Studio Headshots From Exeter