The new headshot photography studio is now up and running in Southernhay, Exeter and Ben has been an early uptaker.

Looking for a set of actor’s headshots to submit to agents and management companies Ben has now spent some time in front of the camera both indoors and outdoors. We decided to shoot a range of backgrounds and a couple of lighting setups in the studio with a shorter time outside in the gardens; again lit shots though.

The result is that within a relatively short and simple session we have been able to offer Ben a wide selection of images shot in both landscape and portrait formats to suit a range of needs. The landscape crops will work well on screen but will also crop down to portrait format if needed.

For the technically inclined the session was lit simply with either one or two Bowens Gemini Pros and softboxes to the front and an older Bowens Esprit 1000 to either control the background or add some backlighting/rimlighting. A bit of shadow control was added with a Lastolite TriGrip; we kept it simple due to the proposed end-use of the images. Lighting support is as ever provided by Manfrotto and the Autopoles combined with boom-arms are proving a great way to keep the floor space tidy whilst allowing quick lighting changes.

Hi Andrew, It was a pleasure working with you on Thursday!

I appreciate you taking your time and effort with me.