Just occasionally one has to ask portrait sitters to stop smiling so much. Natalie Oram is lively and happy her face expresses this constantly, her voice too but then Natalie is a voiceover artist. Actually the full story is:

Global Award-winning documentary-maker, voiceover artist & commercial composer

Ultimately though the brief was about expressing ‘the voice’ in an image.

Natalie had previously worked with Ross Trant who had recently visited the studio and was impressed by the shots of him, this seems like the ideal way for people to arrive at my studio and a great starting point.

For the session Natalie had arrived with a selection of clothing and we photographed with a variety of lighting styles and backgrounds. As the session developed we worked up to what ended up as a five light setup with the emphasis on the Bowens Softlite beauty-dish key light.

Natalie was a great sitter huge fun to work with. If there is one problem it is that we have ended up with a large selection to whittle down but here’s a few more shots from the session.