Arran popped into the Exeter headshot portrait photography studio recently to renew his actor headshots for his agent in London’s Soho.

During the session we tried a range of lighting modifiers and setups. I would be the first to note that these are subtle differences in the lighting but these are all two light shots compared to my four-light ‘go-to’ setup.

For the white one the backlight is bounced off the back wall and through the Translum which Arran is directly in front of. It makes for a much smoother bckground than paper but with Arran sat close to the Translum there is enough light to replace the two ‘kicker’ side lights that I would normally use, so surprisingly effective at lighting the subject too that I thought I’d left the ‘kicker’ lights on.

Also I captured a few non ‘look to camera’ shots which worked really well

Thank you again for the headshot session I had a lot of fun.

These are amazing…