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Headshots for Actor Couple in Devon

So OK the shot above was a fun moment at the end of the session in the Exeter photography studio which had been hugely enjoyable throughout. Fi and Garth visited the Southernhay studio recently as a pair but to be photographed individually. As I would expect of experienced practitioners, they both arrived well [...]

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Actor Headshots in Exeter For Katie

Katie recently visited the Exeter headshot studio for some updated headshot photographs for her acting career. Her hair is now a lot longer so it was time to capture the change! A multi talented person Katie also has a successful property based business. For this session we shot a range of looks and [...]

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Actor Headshots for Lara

Lara visited the Exeter Headshot Photography studio recently looking for some actor headshots. Recently I wrote about an unusual beauty dish that I'd bought and as Lara sat in front of the camera I thought, yes this is the time to try it again. So, the white background shots were all taken with [...]

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Actor Headshots for Olivia

Olivia visited the studio recently for some headshots. Fabulous! The light shots are lit with either the Bowens Sunlite/Supersoft combo or a white Bowens beauty dish with the Translum background. Pleased to again get a lovely result with the beauty dish, it's not my go-to modifier but worth working at. This darker shots [...]

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Actor Headshots Portraits For Martin

Martin is an experienced British actor who has taken guest roles on some of the UK's leading series, including: Little Bird, Dalziel and Pascoe, Judge John Deed and Emmerdale. He recently visited the studio to update his headshots for acting. The images were shot landscape leaving a wide range of cropping possibilities. Martin's [...]

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Actor’s Headshots for Morgan

When a young (read 'younger than me') person knows what I mean when I reference Abigail's Party I know we are going to get along OK. Morgan, a student at Exeter College, spent some time in the studio recently having come for some actor headshots. We shot with a couple of background looks [...]

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George’s New Actor Headshots

Around a year ago George visited the studio for his initial set of headshots for acting so it was great to welcome him back to the Exeter headshot photography studio at the weekend. Given that the images from last year are still relevant we were able to run with a different style for [...]

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Actor Headshots for Nadine

So for me bank holiday Monday for me was spent in the Exeter headshot photography studio! To be honest I'd forgotten that it was a bank holiday when I took Nadine's headshot photography booking. Not a problem though hot bank holidays are not really 'my thing.' I'm always impressed by young people who [...]

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Actor Headshots for George

Exeter College student George was looking for some professional headshots to send to agents in London. His previous phone shots were no longer cutting it! We ran with a couple of looks and hairstyles, in addition even though the differences may seem subtle the lighting was deliberately more neutral for some shots. Although [...]

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Actor Headshots for Arran

Arran popped into the Exeter headshot portrait photography studio recently to renew his actor headshots for his agent in London's Soho. During the session we tried a range of lighting modifiers and setups. I would be the first to note that these are subtle differences in the lighting but these are all two [...]

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