Olivia visited the studio recently for some headshots. Fabulous!

The light shots are lit with either the Bowens Sunlite/Supersoft combo or a white Bowens beauty dish with the Translum background. Pleased to again get a lovely result with the beauty dish, it’s not my go-to modifier but worth working at.

This darker shots are lit with an ancient Bowens wafer against the Oliphant backdrop. Every time I use the Wafer I’m knocked out by the quality of light that comes from it. Feathering the softbox with Olivia very close to the edge of it gives a fantastic gentle light spread. Indeed straight after tis session I found effectively a timeworn condition Wafer on eBay, these things are too good not to have a backup.

Olivia was great to work with, huge fun, particularly when she slipped into voiceover mode and reeled off some radio adverts!