A busy weekend at the Exeter headshot photography studio, the fist visitor Amélie arrived on Saturday morning looking for portraits to support her acting work.

Mum came too although strictly as an observer while Amélie made the pre-selections! We generally run through an initial selection at the studio and upload a web galley with a recommendation that sitters take a while to reflect on the images prior to making final selections for retouching. In this instance the files will be presented in a variety of crops including 8×10 (portrait) which is the UK norm for this area. Increasingly though landscape format images with a fairly generous amount of ‘negative space’ are useful, particularly opening up the number of ways that the image can be used on the web and in print.

We shot in both high and low key lighting and at this stage some of the images have been run as B&W to get a feel of how well they work.

All in all a great session, well done Amélie.