It seems like a lot of time has passed since I asked Shushanah if she would like to visit my studio to be photographed, but a couple of weekends ago we spent a pleasant Saturday in the Exeter headshot studio.

At the end of the session we had shot with a couple of different backgrounds and three different key light modifiers; the differences are subtle but they are there. The modifiers included an ancient Gary Regester Bowens Wafer Rectangular softbox which is really soft and warm, the Bowens beauty dish and my go-to bowens sunlite supersoft combo. Although the images were shot as colour files two different routes to convert to mono/B&W were explored again giving subtle but discernible differences.

I guess without turning it into a total lighting geek-fest the shot above with the (white) beauty dish particularly pleased me, I don’t always have easy success with this type of modifier but wow!

And then we come to the colour or mono question? I love photographing red hair and Shushanah’s photographed beautifully but a different appeal is available with the mono shots.