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Headshots for Exeter Counsellor Jade

Jade recently visited the studio to have some headshots taken for her new practice in Exeter. Pleasingly we were able to take a good range of images including 3/4 length studio shots that would still translate well to tighter crops. In addition we ran a few outdoors headshots outside the Exeter headshot studio. [...]

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Headshots for Elicia

I'm rather pleased that I detected the Canadian accent of Elicia when we first spoke, my nephew lives over there! Elicia spent some time in the Exeter headshot photography studio and we ended up with a good set of headshots for her to move forward with. Although the differences are subtle we ran [...]

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Beauty and Portrait Photography for Shushanah

It seems like a lot of time has passed since I asked Shushanah if she would like to visit my studio to be photographed, but a couple of weekends ago we spent a pleasant Saturday in the Exeter headshot studio. At the end of the session we had shot with a couple of [...]

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Headshots For CV Applications

Ema recently visited the Exeter headshot photography studio for a Saturday photoshoot. The studio was initially set up to light full length portraits so we spent time creating a set of these. Subsequently Ema took a break whilst the lighting was re-set to suit portrait lighting. Initially we worked with a light background [...]

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Headshots and Full-Length Photographs

Ruth needed a set of images for two professional websites, this included full length shots and more casual seated images. During the studio session we were able to run a set shots with different clothing options and also took both full length and seated photographs. For the seated images we used differing lighting [...]

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Headshots: Express Yourself

OK let's start with the disclaimer, I know Mr Forster Ma (RCA), so he's allowed to yawn in the middle of his headshot session and I'm allowed to photograph the moment. It's an unusual challenge photographing people who one knows, there is a different dynamic but the challenges and opportunities are still there. [...]

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Wonderful. Thank you very much.

"Wonderful. Thank you very much." That's pretty much what one wants to hear after a headshot session, to be honest after anything one does. I know I'm not alone in thinking that ideally headshot and portrait photography is about getting to know the client first, and to be honest were it not for the fact [...]

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Portrait Photography in Exeter

A great fun and collaborative portrait photography session in our Exeter headshot studio! To cut to the chase... Got the Shots Andrew. Thanks to a job well done! It's always pleasing when a client expresses their pleasure and it was genuinely good fun photographing Chris, I'll take his comment 'I had a laugh' [...]

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Impromptu Headshots for Magazines

Julie-Ann contacted me recently with a rush request for some headshots to support a forthcoming print feature. To be honest we know each other and I have photographed her fantastic architectural design work previously. I always suggest that clients allow plenty of time to get to a headshot sitting in a calm state, [...]

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Professional Headshots for Exeter Designers

Inês visited the Exeter Southernhay Headshot studio yesterday for a portrait photograph for her new professional website. Keen to achieve a range of shots to express herself and her role as a designer-maker we took photographs with a range of looks including wearing her favourite makers' apron. In truth the mono image here [...]

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