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Interesting Beauty Dish

Some photographers, and very successful ones too, have a great recipe that they use time and time again. At it's simplest this recipe might be "the subject sits on an apple box and is photographed whilst being lit by a shoot-through brolley." I don't mean to be dismissive, portraits are about engagement as [...]

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Beauty and Portrait Photography for Shushanah

It seems like a lot of time has passed since I asked Shushanah if she would like to visit my studio to be photographed, but a couple of weekends ago we spent a pleasant Saturday in the Exeter headshot studio. At the end of the session we had shot with a couple of [...]

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Lifestyle Portraits AKA Holiday Snaps!

Repetition alert! Yes this is a sister post to one on my general website! though this is focussed towards portrait photography. Yes we did it, we got to Madrid! Originally we’d planned to leave Exeter and go at Christmas but Omicron hit the country and it didn’t seem wise. But as we were [...]

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Relaxed Headshots in Exeter Studio

There is a story! Giles visited the studio in need of a set images to be shot to an existing house style, but he also had need to update his own profile pictures. I think we both agreed that the house-style shots weren't what we might have chosen to do given a free hand but [...]

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Relaxed Headshot Portraits

It's a while since I've done the weekend-morning dining-room session; so here's one. There's more than one way to skin a cat but fortunately we don't have a cat, some visit the house but normally sit outside, just staring. Most of the headshot photography that I do is in the studio, shot with [...]

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Portrait photography – Lens Choice

My product photography client got delayed so I thought I'd see how the 105 Micro lens works as a portrait lens. I'd also been meaning to try Translum diffusion on the beauty dish rather than the shower-cap that came with it for a while. For a long time I used the 70-200 ƒ/2.8 for all [...]

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Photography Studio: New Ways of Working

I don't know if regular visitors to the studio would notice the change but it is constantly developing. This weekend a ridiculous amount of excitement was had as a result of the arrival of a small, inexpensive steamer (good-part alert) that will also make a cup of tea! As well as the paper [...]

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Black and White or Colour Headshots

Olivia visited the Devon Headshot studio recently in Southernhay, Exeter, and it was a fabulous session. This was an extended session where we allowed ourselves the time to explore a few ideas. Nowadays most digital shots start as a colour file; I seriously considered a Leica Monochrom but, it is seriously expensive! So files need [...]

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