Just a quickie. It’s prom season and I don’t know about you but, we didn’t have this pressure in my day.

My daughter has gone from being the little girl who would do anything to be in front of the camera to being the young woman who would do anything not to be in front of the camera; this is a shame.

So Friday was a high-pressure shoot, fighting the complaints (from Fee) about doing the photography within the gaze of her neighbours, “do you have to use that flash thing!?!” and so forth.

The weather was whatever you felt like; most options were available within a five minute period and the wind-machine really wasn’t needed. We had brought the huge translucent brolly but it would neither have stayed up well nor gone down well if you get my drift.

And to the venue at the university and a display of competitive parenting represented by a varied cavalcade of delivery options. Short-shorts mum gained this year’s Melanie Klein award for future services to therapy.

Fee returned with shots of her and her mates in the photo-booth fooling around. Can I get copies I asked?