This isn’t actually the first time that I’ve photographed dentists, but I have commented previously that there is a certain irony to someone who, shall we say, isn’t always the best at the dentist, doing this.

These headshots were taken in December 2023, in the reception area, with a Christmas tree in support! Working in association with Dirty Martini who were developing the website for the team at Exeter Advanced Dentistry and all round everyone was fantastic to work with.

The style of the shots was set in the knowledge that we weren’t going to be able to capture everyone on the day, at top-up shoot at my studio will take place shortly.

We also ran a second shoot with some contextual shots which I’ll pop on the main site soon.

Thanks very much indeed for coming in again today – the photos look fabulous.

Again, I think the results are super so thank you so much.

Very best wishes

Rebecca Haynes