I Went To The Dentist (Again)!

This isn't actually the first time that I've photographed dentists, but I have commented previously that there is a certain irony to someone who, shall we say, isn't always the best at the dentist, doing this. These headshots were taken in December 2023, in the reception area, with a Christmas tree in support! [...]

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Location Headshots in Berlin

Clearly most of my headshots are studio based and in the UK, change is good though? Natalie is an independent criminal law practice professional based in Berlin and we recently spent a bit of time together on Museum Island in Berlin. A couple of locations were chosen, the weather and light were suitable [...]

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Portrait Photography in The Rain

So this was an interesting shoot! The plan had been to photograph Charlotte a week earlier, you know, when the weather was scorchio, but busy lives got in the way. The portrait is for an upcoming project, if I told you that my reference image was an inked man in a vest you'd [...]

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Exeter Sports Headshots and Portraits

This was a great challenge to start the day. Sam called to ask about commissioning a set of images to help market his crossfit coaching in Exeter, Devon. There were two aspects to the session, one with me capturing Sam alone followed by a live group working through a session. The approach for [...]

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Relaxed and Candid Portraits

This was a great fun session and for me pleasing to have the conditions and willingness to shoot slightly differently. I've previously photographed team members at Yellowtail though at that time I was replicating their initial headshot style which, though taken by a photographer in London, was based on an American photographer's style! [...]

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Location Headshot Photography for Teams

With recent added remote working practice it is more important than ever to present well online and it is still perfectly doable. It can also be quite cost effective and even a bit of fun! Working in a great Exeter office provision I had the luxury of setting up studio in an unused [...]

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Lifestyle Portraits in Exeter

Lamprini visited the studio yesterday, yes we did do some studio shots too. The main focus on the headshot session was some natural light portrait photographs around Exeter. Working from around 8:00 in the morning the streets are reasonably quiet, cafés too although the security in the Guildhall Centre did seem overly intrusive! [...]

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