Corporate Staff Photography

Informal People Photography for Social Media

I really enjoy the photography that I undertake with Yellowtail. Some time ago I was tasked with replacing the existing headshots with something different and was really pleased with the direction and results. Sarah and Dennis can be regularly heard on The Century Plan podcast and again I was asked to provide some [...]

I Went To The Dentist (Again)!

This isn't actually the first time that I've photographed dentists, but I have commented previously that there is a certain irony to someone who, shall we say, isn't always the best at the dentist, doing this. These headshots were taken in December 2023, in the reception area, with a Christmas tree in support! [...]

Relaxed and Candid Portraits

This was a great fun session and for me pleasing to have the conditions and willingness to shoot slightly differently. I've previously photographed team members at Yellowtail though at that time I was replicating their initial headshot style which, though taken by a photographer in London, was based on an American photographer's style! [...]

Professional Headshots for Devon Lawyers

Tim is a specialist lawyer and visited the Exeter headshot studio recently to update his professional portraits. As so often happens we had a great talk and took a few photos at the same time! The shoot was late on a Friday afternoon and was a genuinely lovely way to end the week.

Headshots for Exeter Psychology Team

It's a while ago that I'd photographed this team, towards the end of Lockdown as people were moving back together. Ståle had called and was looking for a set of approachable headshots for the community based psychology project. We shot on a pleasant evening, people were able to gather (at distance) outside in [...]

Cinematic Lighting for Headshots

Sometimes I have an unexpected headshot session, this one was in the in the middle of a furniture shoot! However it gave me the opportunity to try something different with lighting. Sorry if this writeup is a bit techie. The room has a fairly low ceiling but it is painted white as are [...]

Location Headshot Photography for Teams

With recent added remote working practice it is more important than ever to present well online and it is still perfectly doable. It can also be quite cost effective and even a bit of fun! Working in a great Exeter office provision I had the luxury of setting up studio in an unused [...]

Headshot Photography for Exeter Spacemen

I first photographed Tim Wadsworth quite some time ago, I once emerged from a swim in a reservoir pretending to be Tim, so it was a delight to re-shoot Tim as well as his colleagues Ian and David recently. As ever, the pleasure is seeing the work up there on their website and seeing the [...]

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