Recently we reported a day’s photography at Exeter Civic Centre that included:

  • Studio headshot photography

  • Staff documentary photography

  • Branding photography

  • Photography of technology

  • Photography of meetings

In this day we were able to record documentary style records of people at work as well as studio quality portraits.

Setting Up A Location Studio

Exeter photographer
Whilst great portraits can be taken on the fly with minimal gear nothing replaces the sheer quality that a well lit headshot can offer and again quality studio strobe lighting is an undeniable asset.

Although we have a bespoke headshot photography studio in central Exeter if an organisation has a large number of people who need headshots it may make more sense for us to take the studio to the client.

Generally the main requirement is a large space ideally with bit of height to get the lights above the sitter. Again ideally it is good to get the sitter away from the backdrop and a bit of distance between the camera and the sitter but these are not set in stone rules.

As mentioned previously, with planning clients can gain a good depth of imagery from a single shoot.