There is a story!

Giles visited the studio in need of a set images to be shot to an existing house style, but he also had need to update his own profile pictures.

I think we both agreed that the house-style shots weren’t what we might have chosen to do given a free hand but that was what was needed. The light setup was a fairly standard four lights with the back light firing off the rear wall but bouncing through a roll of translum. The great thing about this is that the background can be taken up to a pure white or removed totally so for Giles’ own shots we simply turned the background light off.

I’ve previously discussed Translum but for this shoot there was a roll of it just behind Giles. I love the versatility of this setup and the ease with which the whole look of the lighting can be changed with just a single light.

So for Giles’ own shots as you will see his presentation style is pretty animated, have a look here!.