Lizzie and her mother visited the studio yesterday, the last time I had a mother and daughter visit Sophie was in the seat with her daughter directing, but this time the roles were reversed with daughter under the lights.

Lizzie was looking for headshots to be used in support of her dance and drama activities and both she and Yaana were huge fun to work with whilst being impressively focussed.

The session was split into a number of sections: different hair styles, various background lighting setups, and a bit of fun at the end courtesy of the old Bowens wind machine. It’s difficult not to laugh with the unpredictable nature of this studio tool but it definitely adds a dimension to the session, great fun all round.

Having photographed directly to the Mac I left Lizzie and Yaana to work through the results in Lightroom and flag up some that caught their eye.

Thank you so much for these very first professional photographs of Lizzie. She commented on how relaxed you made her and how she enjoyed the experience. They are stunning. Lizzie is very happy.