Photographs of New Yorkers

As with the main site these are my holiday snaps but this time the emphasis is on people, I might hashtag these as #streetphotography though I’d probably feel a little awkward about it. Let’s make one thing clear, New Yorkers can be very vocal if an uninvited camera is aimed at them so many of these people were asked if they were OK with photography. And in one instance an initial refusal was met by contemplation followed by a qualified invitation to photograph her.

As with businesses, places are defined by their people. As a new to New Yorker I couldn’t help but be impressed by these people’s sense of identity and many ‘owned’ their image. Some of these images were ‘street’ photos from a range of places such as The Highline or Fifth Avenue including Eisenberg’s, others were from varied locations including jazz clubs such as Paris Blues in Harlem, The Cage in Greenwich Village. The final shot is of our cab driver returning us to the airport. On a two hour journey he informed us of Marxist Leninist thought, Malthus, Uber, homelessness and ultimately his love the the current president.

We only spent a week in the place, I left exhausted, I needed a little nap, a week or so.