You Don’t Have to Smile for a Headshot

You Don’t Have to Smile for a Headshot

Screensaver faces; well mine is pretty serious isn’t it? People often comment about it, I normally point out that I invariably photograph myself setting up lights whilst alone in a studio, rampant laughter would be odd.

The shot above was as a result of Grace commenting that she did indeed do a very good ‘serious face’, yep, agreed.

Sometimes though, when I look through a group session such as this (below), and see all of these happy smiley people, I can’t help but think it can’t have been too painful.

For the record I would never ask people to smile they just seem to.

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Andrew Butler specialises in headshot photography although he has also published work covering a range of subjects including: architecture; motoring and motorcycling; engineering, and product photography.