As ever travel is about photography for me and our recent visit to Sicily started at Penny’s new house near Menfi!

These shots were all taken over a couple of days on our stay at Menfi, quite a few were taken at breakfast, the light was fantastic. My go-to camera the Nikon D810 and 70-200 ƒ/2.8 lens were with me and people seemed happy for me to photograph them, even the man who tends the vines. The monopod helps in this heat.

The odd photo moment of the trip was the man who leapt out of his car in Menfi and asked me to photograph him with his iPad. With no shared language he instructed me well on using the iPad and having taken the shot I asked that I could take one with my Leica (28mm lens), he agreed.

Finally we ventured into the hills and I managed to get some shots of the harvest in process on the Planeta vineyards.

If you want a bit of background to these have a look on my sister site here.