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Actor Headshots for Olivia

Olivia visited the studio recently for some headshots. Fabulous! The light shots are lit with either the Bowens Sunlite/Supersoft combo or a white Bowens beauty dish with the Translum background. Pleased to again get a lovely result with the beauty dish, it's not my go-to modifier but worth working at. This darker shots [...]

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Headshots for Elicia

I'm rather pleased that I detected the Canadian accent of Elicia when we first spoke, my nephew lives over there! Elicia spent some time in the Exeter headshot photography studio and we ended up with a good set of headshots for her to move forward with. Although the differences are subtle we ran [...]

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Fashion Photography in Devon

Not strictly headshots but hey! So this weekend we had a great day of photographing classic fashion and couture at Chilcotts Auctioneers with Karin as model! The clothes are in an upcoming auction at Chilcotts and include dresses, coats, suits, shoes and accessories, worn by a woman with amazing sense of style and [...]

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Beauty and Portrait Photography for Shushanah

It seems like a lot of time has passed since I asked Shushanah if she would like to visit my studio to be photographed, but a couple of weekends ago we spent a pleasant Saturday in the Exeter headshot studio. At the end of the session we had shot with a couple of [...]

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Location Headshots in Berlin

Clearly most of my headshots are studio based and in the UK, change is good though? Natalie is an independent criminal law practice professional based in Berlin and we recently spent a bit of time together on Museum Island in Berlin. A couple of locations were chosen, the weather and light were suitable [...]

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Actor Headshots Portraits For Martin

Martin is an experienced British actor who has taken guest roles on some of the UK's leading series, including: Little Bird, Dalziel and Pascoe, Judge John Deed and Emmerdale. He recently visited the studio to update his headshots for acting. The images were shot landscape leaving a wide range of cropping possibilities. Martin's [...]

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Actor’s Headshots for Morgan

When a young (read 'younger than me') person knows what I mean when I reference Abigail's Party I know we are going to get along OK. Morgan, a student at Exeter College, spent some time in the studio recently having come for some actor headshots. We shot with a couple of background looks [...]

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Portrait Photography in The Rain

So this was an interesting shoot! The plan had been to photograph Charlotte a week earlier, you know, when the weather was scorchio, but busy lives got in the way. The portrait is for an upcoming project, if I told you that my reference image was an inked man in a vest you'd [...]

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George’s New Actor Headshots

Around a year ago George visited the studio for his initial set of headshots for acting so it was great to welcome him back to the Exeter headshot photography studio at the weekend. Given that the images from last year are still relevant we were able to run with a different style for [...]

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Lifestyle Portraits AKA Holiday Snaps!

Repetition alert! Yes this is a sister post to one on my general website! though this is focussed towards portrait photography. Yes we did it, we got to Madrid! Originally we’d planned to leave Exeter and go at Christmas but Omicron hit the country and it didn’t seem wise. But as we were [...]

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