I did one of these a while ago for New York and I thought ‘why not Paris too?’ I’ve just created a book of Sicilian people but we’ve not long visited Paris.

So this is a selection of images from a few visits, mainly Montmartre, La Défense, and the Saint-Ouen area including La Chope des Puces café.

Compared to New York I don’t find Paris easy to photograph, a have said elsewhere that the streets are wide and there’s nowhere to hide. Also I think it’s fair to say that the French people aren’t overly receptive to photography, lift a camera and Cuba and you’ll probably have a crowd in front of you though they will probably look for modelling fees!

And yes, I know Karin has a Swiss passport, I liked the shot, she was being my decoy whilst I was catching the guys reading the papers in the Montmartre café.